Feb 04, 2019 · DD-WRT is a complete toolkit. It comes with nearly everything you could want in a router as well as a whole lot more that you’ll probably never even look at. That’s simultaneously one of DD-WRT’s biggest strengths and weaknesses. For people looking for maximum control, DD-WRT’s plethora of options is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Apr 28, 2010 · I'm trying to set up Pi-hole on my network, but I only want to use it on certain devices so I'm configuring them manually. I have Dnsmasq set up to give only those devices the RPi as the DNS server, and that's working, but the problem is that they're both Android and Android apparently adds if you only give it one DNS resolver. Lots of people report problems with the router function in the Linksys WRT54G. See here for example. I have a broadband router upstream of my WRT54G, so I thought that I might be able to avoid the network problems I was having by making my WRT54G work simply as a switch or bridge. Newegg has the Linksys SE4008 WRT 8-Port Gigabit Switch for a low $49.99 Free Shipping after rebate and Coupon Code: EMCAPAT82 (Exp 3/8). Tax in CA, IN, NJ, TN. This sells for $51+ elsewhere.- Works with any router (doesn't have to be Linksys brand) Eight gigabit ethernet ports for fast wired connections The Linksys WRT54G Wi-Fi series is a series of Wi-Fi–capable residential gateways marketed by Linksys, a subsidiary of Cisco from 2003 until acquired by Belkin in 2013. A residential gateway connects a local area network (such as a home network) to a wide area network (such as the Internet). Linksys SE4008 WRT Gigabit Ethernet Switch - 8 Ports, Up to 1000Mbps, Standard 10/100 Ethernet, IEEE 802.1p, QoS, LED, Auto Sensing, Power Saving

Oct 13, 2014 · My closet looked so cluttered, and the WRT switch looked so cool sitting under the WRT router. Linksys, by the way, emphasizes that the switch should go under the router and not the other way

Finding the Right Switch for your Business. Expanding your business network is a critical step to scaling productivity. Linksys switching products offer a variety of port counts and features that make expansion easy, without compromising network speed and security. About DD-WRT is a Linux based alternative OpenSource firmware suitable for a great variety of WLAN routers and embedded systems. The main emphasis lies on providing the easiest possible handling while at the same time supporting a great number of functionalities within the framework of the respective hardware platform used. The SE 4008 WRT switch is the perfect companion to the WRT series routers. They stack perfectly and work great! I've been using the Linksys stackable products for years because they work very well and provide a very professional looking installation.

OpenWrt as wireless access point (wifi↔wired switch) As a wireless access point, OpenWrt connects to the existing network by wire. OpenWrt then acts as a networking device that allows your Wi-Fi devices to connect to the wired network over OpenWrt. the wired network provides Internet access

You can configure most DD-WRT capable routers as a simple 4 or 5 port switch. A switch is similar to a hub in that all devices connected to it will be in the same broadcast domain and can communicate freely with each other. The configuration is nearly identical to that of a Wireless Access Point. Linksys SE4008 WRT 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Perfectly matched to the Linksys WRT1900AC router or another wireless router (sold separately), the Linksys WRT 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch expands your home network by offering eight Gigabit Ethernet ports for fast wired connections to laptops, wireless access points, IP cameras, and more. Jul 05, 2017 · Advanced Router to Switch Configuration For the advanced configuration, you’ll need a copy of DD-WRT installed on your router. Although doing so is an extra few steps, it gives you a lot more control over the process and liberates an extra port on the device. Inside the router is a (gigabit or 100mbit) switch with six ports. Five of the ports map to five physical ethernet ports on the router box. One port is internally connected to the CPU.