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SQLite Export Data to CSV File Example. We will export “emp_master” table data to Employee.csv file for that write the query like as shown below. Let’s look at the example of exporting data of emp_master table to Employee.csv file. This file does not exist. So it will first create and export data into it. SQLite - .dump often fails silently -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 raf wrote: > the sqlite3 .dump command (version 3.4.2 and earlier) often fails > silently. i.e. it produces a file containing nothing but: The code for the shell mostly just runs sqlite3_exec and often ignores the return code (unless it is SQLITE_CORRUPT in which case the query is rerun with "ORDER sqlite (sqlite3) on Command Line Ubuntu 16.04 Using sqlite (sqlite3) on the Ubuntu 16.04 Command Line.

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Returns an iterator to dump the database in an SQL text format. Useful when saving an in-memory database for later restoration. This function provides the same capabilities as the .dump command in the sqlite3 shell. Example:

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