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Mar 09, 2020 How do I uninstall Java on my Mac? Uninstall Oracle Java using the Terminal . Note: To uninstall Java, you must have Administrator privileges and execute the remove command either as root or by using the sudo tool. Remove one directory and one file (a symlink), as follows: Click on the Finder icon located in your dock; Click on Go in the Finder menu; Click on Utilities; Double-click on the Terminal icon Solution to Uninstall Windows on a Macbook | MacRumors Forums Mar 25, 2014

If the Select Tasks step appears, select “Remove Windows 10 or later version,” then click Continue. Do one of the following: If your Mac has a single internal disk, click Restore. If your Mac has multiple internal disks, select the Windows disk, select “Restore disk to a single macOS partition,” then click Continue.

Remove Windows from your Mac using Boot Camp. You must use Boot Camp Assistant to remove Windows, or a partition that was created with Boot Camp Assistant, from your Mac.

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How to Uninstall a Program on a MacBook Pro Step 1. Click Finder on the top left of the OS X desktop, then select Applications. Step 2. Browse through the Applications directory until you locate the folder for the program you want to uninstall. Step 3. Drag the program folder to the Trash icon on How to Uninstall a Program from MacBook Pro | Tom's Guide Jul 06, 2020 How to Uninstall Apps on MacBook Pro (5 Methods That Work