In the certificate information, it says that the certificate in intended for the following purposes: All issuance policies and all application policies. The Certification Path only has one entry, and the Certificate status reports that "This certificate is OK." I'm at a loss for what the issue is.

Jul 01, 2015 HTTPS & SSL Certificates Explained: Website Security 101 SSL Explained: Here Come SSL & HTTPS SSL/TLS is a protocol that facilitates secure communication between two points on the internet – typically a web browser and a server. Technically, SSL/TLS is defined as a cryptographic protocol that provides secure … X.509 - Wikipedia

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Mar 17, 2020 · On Debian based Linux systems these root certificates are stored in the /etc/ssl/certs folder along with a file called ca-certificates.crt. This file is a bundle of all the root certificates on the system . It is created by the system and can be updated if new certificates are added using the update-ca-certificates command. See here

Public key certificate - Wikipedia As per the applications, SSL Certificates can be classified into three types: Domain Validation SSL; Organization Validation SSL; Extended Validation SSL. What Is Client Certificate Authentication? Today, however, with ever growing threats on the Web, it would be wise to employ client certificate authentication for sensitive Web sessions. If you want to know how clients (Web browsers in particular) authenticate servers using server certificates, I suggest you read the post An Overview of How Digital Certificates Work . Beginner's guide to understanding SSL certificates